2022 Ford Maverick Reaches 100,000 Reservations and Receives a Big Accessory List

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2022 Ford Maverick


Ford announces 100,000 reservations for its Ford Maverick pickup truck which is excellent news for the company. These figures indicate there is plenty of interest among consumers who desire a hybrid pickup truck. One of the many drivers for the high reservation amount is Maverick’s starting base price of $19,995 (plus destination fee), making it the most affordable pickup truck in America. Another factor is its hybrid powertrain, which is super fuel-efficient and returns a maximum driving range of 500 miles. EPA ratings state that the Maverick receives 40mpg city, 33mpg highway, and 37mpg of mixed driving.       

Hitting the 100k Reservation Mark

Within a timeframe of just one month, Ford manages to receive 20,000 more reservations that adds to its previous milestone of 80,000 a month back. Since each reservation starts via a $100 deposit, this means Ford has $10,000,000 in reservation/deposit funds. Ford projects more reservations to come in before the end of the year resulting in a significant increase in its deposit fund pool and the potential for more sales once reservations convert into solid orders. 

The 2022 Ford Maverick is not too far behind its bigger brother, the F-150 Lightning, which has 130,000 reservations thus far. Ford is confident the truck duo will dominate the truck segment in the U.S. market with record-breaking sales figures. However, Ford has a big contender to compete against, and that is with the Tesla Cyber truck, which has more than 1 million reservations under its name since its unveiling in November 2019. Tesla is aiming to make deliveries of its all-electric truck in Fall 2022. But with a strong track record of manufacturing trucks, Ford is confident it will have the upper hand when it comes to the unbeatable value and competitive pricing of its pickup trucks.      

Factory Accessories Provided by Outside Brands

As a bonus, Ford is giving upcoming owners of the Maverick something to smile about. That is with a whole list of truck accessories giving the vehicle more capability and utility. Although it is unknown precisely what add-ons and extra equipment will be available for purchase, automotive sources indicate Ford is planning to work with six outside brands to supply its complete list of accessories.

Among the list of outside brands, they include:

  • Yakima – manufacturer and seller of car racks, roof racks, bike racks, and hitch racks.
  • Thule – an accessory company specializing in outdoor and transportation products such as cargo carriers for automobiles and other storage equipment.
  • Truckhardware – designer and manufacturer of aftermarket pickup truck accessories
  • Advanced Vehicle Technology (AAMP) is a vehicle technology company specializing in vehicle enhancements in the form of safety, multimedia, audio, and telematics.
  • Voxx – a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive and consumers technologies
  • NOCO –  a designer and manufacturer of jump starters, battery chargers, and batteries 

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