Ford May Be Secretly Developing an All-Electric Muscle Sedan

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It’s common practice for automakers to purchase vehicles from other brands for benchmarking purposes. Benchmarking practices measure the key elements from a competitor to determine how a company can better its product in terms of quality and cost. Recent reports by Ford Authority say Ford is benchmarking the 707 hp Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, which raises many questions about why Ford is using a muscle car from Dodge as a benchmark vehicle. This likely indicates Ford has plans to work on a new muscle car platform, especially since Dodge already intends to release a new generation of muscle cars with all-electric powertrains by 2024. Ford probably wants a piece of the action and is perhaps thinking of doing the same.        

EV Muscle Sedan a Possibility

As of right now, it’s too early to say what Ford plans to do in terms of a new muscle car, but benchmarking a competitor’s most powerful muscle car does raise some eyebrows. Could Ford be interested in developing an EV-version of the Shelby GT500? That is a bit of a stretch, given its $74,095 starting price tag. Ford would fare better developing a vehicle with a more affordable price point for the typical vehicle buyer. After benchmarking the Charger Hellcat, Ford engineers could very likely start work on an all-electric muscle sedan.

Ford is the right move in the performance department because Dodge is not the only automaker planning to manufacture electric muscle cars. Chevy also intends to produce its own electric muscle cars and sedans by discontinuing the gasoline-powered Camaro sometime in 2024. Therefore, Ford is wise to get on the EV muscle car bandwagon to not get left behind.

Taking Inspiration from the Mustang

Ford already has the Mustang Mach-E out on the market and could make greater use of its platform by incorporating some muscle-car-inspired components into it. However, the Mach-E is a family EV Crossover and resembles little to no characteristics of a true muscle car. Hypothetically speaking, splitting a future EV muscle car into two body styles, such as a coupe and a sedan (just like the Dodge Challenger and Charger), could entail a positive response from consumers that benefits Ford’s brand image. As more information becomes available in the coming months, Ford will arrive closer to revealing its EV muscle car strategy.

A New Generation of Muscle Cars

Is it not entirely the end of gasoline-powered muscle cars? As more automakers are beginning to invest in their EV infrastructure, the transition from combustion engines to electric powertrains is gradual. As with any product in a business that faces market challenges, it has to adapt to future trends, and with Ford, the company is doing just that. The gasoline-powered two-door Mustang will soon be a memory in Ford’s portfolio, but it intends to keep the Mustang name alive in other electric forms and possibly in a sedan body style.

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