Akers Advantage Protection Package

The Akers Advantage Protection Package is something we’re very proud of here at Wayne Akers Ford. Every vehicle we’ve got on the lot comes with the Akers Advantage Protection Package. If you’re curious as to what the package includes, wonder no more. Buyers can count on LoJack by Spirion (GPS tracking system), an interior and exterior protection package and a traceable theft protection plan to make their car-ownership experience a smooth one.

LoJack & How it Works

Having your vehicle stolen is one of many terrible scenarios that people face in their day-to-day lives, but with the help of LoJack and its Protect & Connect service, car owners can enjoy peace of mind. Seen as the #1 stolen vehicle recovery product on the market today, LoJack can be depended on for a quick recovery. 

Drivers who get behind the wheel of a vehicle equipped with LoJack can know exactly where their vehicle is by simply checking an app on their phones. LoJack is also gracious enough to offer service reminders, recall notifications, driving behavior alerts — including speeding and geo-boundaries feedback, low battery alerts, trip history, a virtual glove box and more. Additionally, LoJack can be trusted to handle sensitive information as consumer data remains private and confidential with the ability to control who sees car location, history, alerts and more. 

If a vehicle is suspected stolen, the owner will then use the LoJack app to connect with law enforcement and file a police report. Once the ink has dried and the police report has been filed, owners can now move on to the next phase and contact the LoJack concierge service via the LoJack app. Using industry-leading GPS technology, LoJack then picks up the stolen vehicle’s individual signal and locates it. 

Exterior & Interior Protection

Wayne Akers Ford goes the extra mile to protect your investment. When shopping for a new vehicle with us you can count on external and internal protection that’ll prevent cosmetic wear and tear over the years. A clean and well-maintained vehicle goes a long way when it comes to trading it in down the line. With our Akers Advantage Package, buyers can rest assured that their vehicle will be protected both inside and out, including protecting the paint from environmental factors like acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and weather-induced fading, chalking, and loss of gloss. On the interior of the vehicle, the Wayne Akers Advantage Package protects against bleaches, dyes, discoloration, mold, mildew, and even the sun’s UV rays to prevent the dashboard from cracking. 

Traceable Theft Protection Plan

Much like LoJack’s service, the Traceable Theft Protection Plan works as a theft deterrent and gives buyers peace of mind that their purchase is protected. Wayne Akers Ford offers buyers protection via the Nation Safe Drivers Traceable Protection Plan as it attaches a unique identification code to every vehicle. The affixed code works as a deterrent as many thieves already know tagged vehicles are much easier for the police to recover, thus they often pick easier targets. Nation Safe is so confident in its ability to deter the theft of your vehicle that if you do happen to be a victim of car theft and your vehicle cannot be recovered, they will either provide buyers with a cash benefit to use towards the purchase or lease of a new vehicle or towards an insurance deductible, as well as down-payment assistance when buyers return to the same dealership to purchase a replacement vehicle.

Browse our latest Ford inventory and visit us at Wayne Akers Ford today to learn more about the Akers Advantage Protection Package. If you’ve got any questions about the Akers Advantage Protection Package please do not hesitate to reach out to us via Wayne Akers social media–our on-site experts will be happy to help!